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There was sun before, but what on Earth happened to it? Now it's raining again. And I who thought my tactic of wearing summerish clothes was actually working ... Guess I was wrong!

I suppose that Lillen though he had gotten me the perfect birthday present - a toy horse. Suppose he was referring to the knight I always claim to be waiting for ... But I thought I told him that I would be alright with just a knight without a horse, but not a horse without a knight. Well, that is just like him! At least he always manages to make me smile ...

(But I still wanted to meet that knight in shining armour! Did anyone see him? It's quite alright if he does not have an armour actually, as long as he's armed with a pretty smile.)

Damn! The rain is really pouring down in masses now! Like Camilla said, I won't have to worry about looking silly in my (pink and purple with flowers) rubber boots after all ... which I thought I might when the sun was shining during lunch break. Can't say that I am particularly happy about that though ... I would gladly have endured biking in the sun with my rubber boots as long as the sun was shining!

Anyway, have a nice weekend everyone!


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