Sunday, 9 April 2006 15:04
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So, now I've been around this world for 28 whole years ... for whatever reason that migh be. Birthdays really doesn't feel as enjoyable as they did when we were young now, do they? Mostly it's just a reminder of another year passing and things not really changing much, if you ask me. That could be considered good or bad, I suppose, but I tend to see it as a bad thing. Perhaps that is wrong of me?!

I had two wishes for my birthday this year:
*a date with a nice and cute boy (in which I did not believe, of course, even though Katta DID promise to get me one *smile*)
*sunny and spring-like weather (which was not supposed to be rainy and about 5 degrees)
I can't say I wished to be woken up at six in the morning by a singing family, who looked like they would rather be in bed ... but since mom was going to work anyway this morning, they seemed to consider it a good idea *yawn* Fortunately I managed to fall asleep again ... and dreamt weird dreams about faces from the past ...

Well, at least I've seen my latest love twize this weekend, as we visited Sofia, Anders and little Alvin yesterday and they came over for a while today. Alvin might be just eight weeks old, but he's already a heartbreaker *s* So cute!
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I usually try to see birthdays as a one's very special day, regardless of numbers... But indeed the thought of yet another year passing by without any major change can be depressing. *sigh* At least you have a nice, loving family! That's a LOT! :)
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Well, of course that is a lot ... and yet not enough *sigh* But at least I am not feeling over-depressed about M at the moment, I am more of back to being depressed about not having someone. Yes, he is still over-cute, but ... he's just too weird to understand =/


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