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"... Wishing you were here Leaning on my shoulder A heavy rain is closing in Staring at the sky Waiting for salvation Another day will soon begin ..."

Yawn! What a busy day this has been. The morning was really messy. Katta was held up by something around breakfast time so I was kind of doing both our jobs for a while and a lot of things were happening all at once. Including M calling, which didn't exactly help me when my mind was already busy. It's very interesting how nice and chatty (work-related, of course!) he always is when he calls on the phone, while he hardly even said hi this morning. He sort of got on my nerves, cause he always seems so eager to point out how good he is, how careful about work etc. Yes, it is a good quality, and I like that about him, but there is no need to brag about it, right? Well, in a way I suppose that it is a positive sign that he does get on my nerves. Probably means that there is a chance I can get over him, right? But damn, he's so cute. Still, he effects me less than he used to, which is good. But I won't say too much, as I've thought like that before, and as late as last Friday again I almost felt knocked-down by his cuteness … These things are never easy! I just hope that it won't end in that awful empty feeling that sometimes catches me … I am so sick of feeling blue!

"... When the sun dries the rain And glitters through the trees I'll gaze at you With the winds you are gone my love ..."

Argh! We have a meeting this afternoon. So boring! Especially since I would be off at three if we didn't and now I have to wait until the meeting begins at four, and will end at six, if we're lucky. Sure, I do get paid for this hour of waiting also, but it still sucks. I want to go home. The weather is lovely and I would much rather sit on the balcony or something. We went outside during the lunch break and it was really lovely. Even the wind was a bit warm. Cosy. Seems like spring is finally here for real. All that's missing is a bit of "spring feelings", and someone to share them with, of course.

"... Watching how the shades Linger in the morning I can't escape the ghost of you I can hear your voice Calling in the distance I know you're feeling lonely too ..."

Speaking of which, the cute sale's guy (who is called Johan, by the way) was here yesterday, like I wrote last time. Indeed he is cute. If nothing else he is so charming that you have to adore him. I just try to remember that it is part of his work to be charming, and not be too effected. That can be hard sometimes, though. I ended up giving him a tour of our building, as he wanted to have the new price list and we keep them upstairs + they were hidden away in a store room. Well, I didn't mind at all *big smile* since it meant that he hung around for a while; and he didn't seem to mind much either. I was all giggly afterwards, so he surely effected me, no matter my good intentions not to let him, and I can hardly remember what we spoke about. (But isn't it good that someone else can make me feel that way, not just M? Cause for so long now, no one seemed to have effect on me but him.) Let's hope that he shows up again some time soon. I would like that. Woah. Cute guys can be so addictive, right? *blink* [And in my wildest dreams I would, of course, dare to ask him out and he would accept and it would all be so good. Haha! And everyone who knows me knows that I would never dare that at all, and if I did it would still end bad … It's not like I ever say all the things I mean to say to M, right?]

"... But the trees will fall someday So I must let you fade away When the sun dries the rain ... "
(lyrics by Evan)

Listening to: "Do what you're told" by Sebastian
Currently reading: "Siddhartha" by Hermann Hesse

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