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I meant to write an entry about spring yesterday and therefor Sofus, dad and I went outside to take some photos of flowers and such. But while we were out I got a sms from Sofia, who wanted us to come over, so I never got around to writing the entry finally. That's why I am here today instead. It's a bad idea, though, to sit indoors by the computer, freezing my hands off as always, while the sun is shining outside. I'll try not to stick around for too long, finally. But our little photo trip was quite interesting, we even saw a deer that did not seem to mind too much that the whole area around Apslatten was crowded with people. 

It's obvious by just going for a short walk how much people have been looking forward to spring this year. We always do, of course, but this year more than any, I believe. Usually there are signs of spring before May, after all. Now it's suddenly very warm and sunny. We had 23 degrees or something yesterday. Really lovely. Katta, Karin and I brought our lunches outside yesterday and spent the whole lunch hour in the sun - lovely! The sun was very strong, and we looked like tomatoes afterwards. Bjorn even laughed when he saw us. We totally need this now, some warmth and sun - it's been too long. Like I've said before in my journals, sometimes this winter I've felt like I've forgotten what it's like to feel warm ... But I guess that was a psychological thing as well as a physical one, eh?!

Sofia, Anders and Andreas (+ little Alvin) was having a little barbecue when we arrived. Nothing fancy, just hot dogs ... but the smell of barbecue was in the air from many gardens yesterday, and that sure is a nice sign of spring/summer. Since Sofus and I had already had dinner we just joined in as company. We were delighted to see little Alvin again, of course, and it was nice to spend the evening outside in their little garden, chatting. Vicki and Rasmus arrived later too. But well, it's not July, and we ended up rather chilled in the end ... On our way home Sofus and I met a hedgehog, which was kind of cool. We tried to photograph it, of course, but it was really dark outside so the photos didn't turn out well. We probably scared the poor cutie, though. 

After the night chill it was a nice thing to jump into a warm bed and sleep for a while ... I think I even fell asleep right away, which is a blessing - it does not happen to me very often. I really do appreciate it when I fall asleep without lying awake for hours first, contemplating things that would be better left forgotten or ignored ...

M really haunted my mind throughout the day though, as he looked particularly cute again yesterday. Don't ask me to explain what does it, but some days he gets to me more than others ... When our eyes met at some point I felt that familiar connection, the one that says to my heart "the two of you belong together", but I suppose that he does not feel it ... Argh! Sometimes I just want to yell to him. "Do you even know how beautiful you are or what you do to my heart?", but of course I do not. Or I would like to quote Depeche Mode and tell him "don't say you're happy out there without me I know you can't be". It's really weird (as I've stated so many times before) that you can feel so strongly that you belong together with someone, while the other person does not feel it ... the same thing for the electricity that you can sense in a room when you're both in it. So crazy. Damn! I would so much want to be the one to make him happy, make him smile that fabulous smile ...

Anyway, I really should not sit here in front of the computer, freezing, while the sun is shining outside. Think I'll join Sofus on the balcony instead. Later, we're going over to Nina's place ... so I guess that it's not unlikely you'll all get to see pictures of cats the next time I write here. Until then, have a nice weekend in the sun and be careful with your hearts!

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