Easter kisses!

Thursday, 13 April 2006 11:28

So, it's Easter soon ... or perhaps it is Eater already? We only work half day today. And for the last hour or so I can't claim to have worked very hard at all. There is nothing to do. The morning was a bit messy, but once we cleared that up it was pretty dead. Annie has gone home, I am all alone ... and yet I have nothing better to do than some blogging.

M asked me this morning what he was supposed to do if he had a problem after noon and there was noone here to answer the phone. Oh, he made it sound like there is always problems that he has to call about ... so far he's only called once this week, so I don't think it is that big a problem now, eh? Maybe I should've told him he could call me at home.  Now that would have been interesting! Whatever. Today I kind of feel like "whatever, I don't care about him, so what that he is cute" ... let's pary the feeling will last. I so need that!

Oscar called me the little Easter chicken today. So what I wear a yellow skirt (and some feathers in my hair - as I promised Allan I would) - I am not a chicken! I had to borrow the skirt from Sofus though, as I really don't have any yellow clothes. Yellow is not my colour. Well, a skirt does not matter, but I still don't have a yellow one ... even though I have tons of skirts.

It's raining. According to the radio news yesterday the whole Easter would be rainy, according to the TV news it would not. I guess we will just have to wait and see. I really hope that it won't be raining all the time ... We're going to the cottage and it's really boring there unless you can go outside. I guess we will have to bring lots of books, just in case.

Easter kisses to all of you out there!

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There was sun before, but what on Earth happened to it? Now it's raining again. And I who thought my tactic of wearing summerish clothes was actually working ... Guess I was wrong!

I suppose that Lillen though he had gotten me the perfect birthday present - a toy horse. Suppose he was referring to the knight I always claim to be waiting for ... But I thought I told him that I would be alright with just a knight without a horse, but not a horse without a knight. Well, that is just like him! At least he always manages to make me smile ...

(But I still wanted to meet that knight in shining armour! Did anyone see him? It's quite alright if he does not have an armour actually, as long as he's armed with a pretty smile.)

Damn! The rain is really pouring down in masses now! Like Camilla said, I won't have to worry about looking silly in my (pink and purple with flowers) rubber boots after all ... which I thought I might when the sun was shining during lunch break. Can't say that I am particularly happy about that though ... I would gladly have endured biking in the sun with my rubber boots as long as the sun was shining!

Anyway, have a nice weekend everyone!


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