Our dear friend Mu turned 30 today! She asked us to go out with her to have drinks and dinner (we ended up at Cyrano, on Prinsgatan, which was a nice place), so we did. I was a bit stressed out as I had not planned to go into town today, and had to bike home, change clothes and run to the bus, but apart from that it was really nice! I guess that I am not really good at doing things spontaneously, but when one does it's usually nice. Since we were four girls out and we had cosmopolitans, we felt a lot like SATC. And there was a lot of girl talk, of course :wink: I am pretty sure that guys don't want to know just how much girls talk about them! And Mu does not seem to mind turning thirty. No age crisis. That is good :smile:

I wouldn't say that I had any particular age crisis when turning thirty either, even though I certainly feel like time is running away from me sometimes. I guess no one really dreams of being single at thirty. Or of still not being sure what one wants to do with one's life. But when it comes to age crisis, I think turning twenty-five was worse, for some reason. Otherwise the only time I can remember (if I really do remember it, or remember it just because I've been told about it, I don't know for sure) when I was really upset about a birthday was when I turned six. I was so disappointed when I woke up that morning and hadn't grown at all. :smile: Isn't it weird, really, how we spend most of our childhood and adolescent years wanting to be older and then the rest of our lives wishing we were younger? That's so typically human - always wanting something else than what we've got! I know a lot of people who say that the years around thirty are the best, though ... but I guess that depends a lot on where you find yourself at that age. I think that opinion is mostly based on life being stable at that age, somehow. Like my mom, she had been together with dad since she was nineteen, they lived together, were married and had two kids by the time she turned thirty. Me, I don't know. What do I have? A job. That's pretty much the only grown-up and stable thing about me. If a job can be considered stable in these times of financial crisis ... Hm. But then again, who can say if I would've been happy if I had all the things that I think that I want from life?

Today was a very slow day at work. If I thought we would have lots to do because we were a bit short of staff in the afternoon, I was wrong. When I started working, Monday was almost our busiest day, but these days it's rather quiet. I kept myself occupied for most of the time before lunch, but the afternoon was SLOW and time passed at a painfully slow pace. Ah well, perhaps there will be more to do tomorrow! One never knows before hand ...

I should probably go to bed. I was dead tired this morning ... BUT I should've gotten out of bed the first time the alarm went of, of course. Why don't I ever do that? One is usually less tired the first time one wakes than when one has hit the snooze button a few times. Somehow staying in bed in the morning is way too tempting P: I guess that I will never be a morning person, but I think it's really unfair that it's so easy to fall asleep at all times when one is not supposed to sleep and so hard to do it when it's bed time. Sweet dreams, folks!


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