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Monday, 8 May 2006 11:39
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It's just another manic Monday. Or perhaps not. Right now I am not that busy, although the morning was a bit messy, of course. Since Annie comes in later, I had to do both her and my job, so … But it's not that bad. It's just for the first hour or so, and the phone doesn't ring much then. The morning was a bit quiet and slow, though, since Lillen wasn't here. I do miss him when he's not around. Th was the first to arrive and then there seemed to be no sign of the other drivers for a while (even though Th said he knew that Magnus was in the building), so we felt a bit lost and abandoned. Even Helen arrived before the other drivers showed up! But when Kari arrived there was a bit of noise, of course *blink* And just as I was going upstairs to have breakfast Tony called and wanted me to let him in … which was a bit messy to, as Bjorn had parked his Smart car where Tony usually puts his truck. Well, Kari managed to move it finally (after spending quite some time figuring out how to start the damn thing), so … Everything was alright in the end, and I could have breakfast!

M has already called me twize today; about a customer who was not in her shop when she was supposed to. Well, she showed up while he was talking to me, but whatever. It feels weird to speak to him like that. It always does, doesn't it, talking about work-related stuff when there is so much else in your heart that you would like to say. Damn! He never seems to stop getting to me, does he? When he called the second time I so much wanted to tell him "Oh, I feel popular today" or something else silly (like "I thought you did not want to talk on the phone with me?") … or perhaps tell him not to curse so much, which he did. That really isn't attractive, if you ask me. (Well, I doubt that he cares what I find attractive, but whatever!) I would be so much better off if I could just get him off my mind, no? But he does not help me … Like this morning when he asked me for the telephone number to a customer and wondered if they would really be there at that hour etc and then he smiles (that smile! It kills me every time!) and says "Otherwise I will call you, you know that". Yeah, right. What am I supposed to say to that? "You can call me anytime you like" was the answer I wanted to give him …

I am beginning to feel that I don't know what to say about this mess in my heart anymore … What am I supposed to do?

Like I said last time, we spent the weekend at Nina's … or at least a part of it. Since she works extra during the weekend, we arrived only after 2pm on Satruday and left slightly before 11am on Sunday. But it was still nice. The weather was lovely, so we could spend time outside - great for my allergy, since that meant less time around the cats. We barbecued (but the store was out of corn *sigh*), went for a walk, hanged out in the sun … Summer is really great, no? 

Stina * Froken Boppan * Berit

Otherwise nothing much happened yesterday … Sofus and I went for a walk (without seeing any interesting animals, this time), read in the sun on our balcony, watched the most boring soccer game ever on TV (Lecce vs Chievo 0-0), did some cross-stitching, watched two episodes of "MacGyver" … and that's about it.

So, now it's Monday again, and I feel kind of tired. Nina borrowed me a book about sleep, and I read yesterday that it does not matter so much if we sleep all of our required six to nine hours at the same time, or in smaller pieces, as long as we had at least one three hour period … and as long as we slept between four and seven in the morning. No wonder that most people are tired then - how many per cent of the working population (or pupils/students) get to sleep until seven? I got up at 05:10 this morning. The book said that around five in the morning was the worst hour to be awake; we are more likely to make mistakes or bad judgements at that hour and our body temperature is usually one degree lower than normal. Shortly, we are supposed to be asleep at that hour. Feels good to know, eh? There is a reason why it feels all wrong to get up that early in the morning. This said, it is a lot easier to get up when there is sun outside …

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