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Thursday, 27 November 2008 21:14

I am truly dead tired! This week feels so full of stress, somehow. We had an office meeting after work today, and those things always stress me out. Not so much during them as before them, though. I really don't like conflicts and stuff like that, and meetings always end with discussions. It's not that our meetings are even that bad, I think. I can't say for sure though, as I've never been to staff meetings at other places ... but somehow there is always some underlying aggression, especially from some people. We don't really have any major problems at work, but some people make every little thing huge, and get upset about pretty much everything. It's tiring. I mean, sure, I get irritated at my colleagues at times too, but the way I see it, one has to weigh the negative effects of nagging about things against the importance that those things ... and most things aren't worth any fuss. Also, one should try to shake things off ... the only thing that happens if you keep thinking about irritating things forever and keeping grudge with people is that you fill yourself with negative emotions and hurt yourself. It's usually better to just let things pass, unless they are real problems, no? Anyway, the meeting wasn't that bad ... it was just long (almost three hours) and in the end we didn't say much that we haven't said a zillion times before ...

When I got home (tired from biking against the wind in the dark) I forced myself to not sit down to relax and then not be able to get up again for the rest of the evening, but I started tidying and cleaning the hall. I take the apartment one room at the time. The hall is, of course, the easiest to tidy, as there isn't that much stuff there ... But it's also a bit boring, as there isn't much to do to it when it comes to decorations. I did a little bit of cleaning in the bath room too, but still have work to do there ... and I have the kitchen and bedroom left to tidy - the worst rooms. The kitchen is still better than the bedroom ... Had it just been a bedroom and nothing else, it might not have been so bad ... but since it's the room where I keep my desk, my deco stuff, my magazines, a lot of teddies, my journals, papers etc ... Well, I think you get the picture! It has a tendency to get very, very messy.

Work is a bit stressful at the moment too ... Not that we have an extreme amount of calls to answer - even though we've been short of staff most of the week, due to people being ill - but because they've given us lists of customers that we're supposed to call to check if they're interested in buying some of the new articles we've got in stock at a discount. I usually don't have too much problems calling customers from work, in spite of my phone phobia, as it's somehow different when it's the company calling rather than me ... but this type of calls is way outside my comfort zone. I truly hate phone calls from sale's persons myself, and know just how annoying they are. It might be a bit different when you get them as part of your work instead of at home, in your free time, but still ... I can't lose the feeling of disturbing people, know what I mean?

And French class yesterday was a bit depressing. Well, most of it was nice, as usual, but ... In the current chapter, we're supposed to learn the difference between "que" and "qui" and well ... It's not that I don't understand the difference; I could even tell the rule for when to use which, that one is used for a subject and one is used for an object, but ... it ends there. I never was any good at syntax, and when it comes down to actually deciding whether the word alluded is a subject or an object, I get lost. Not when it is a really simple sentence with just one verb, but when there are more than one and ... argh! I get so frustrated I could cry. It makes me feel so stupid! But it's really not a new problem ... already back in 7th or 8th grade when we were studying this in Swedish class I remember bursting into tears when I was doing the homework together with my mom ... I just don't get it, and I doubt that I ever will ... especially since most of the time it doesn't make that much difference to a Swedish sentence ... I guess that I will just have to pray that the ear that I have for language can help me get it right anyway. It has happened before :smile: I never was a grammar wizard, but I tend to get it right rather by having a feeling that "this sounds right" than knowing the actual rule ... This said, if anyone thinks that he/she could teach me to do the syntax thing, you're welcome to try;) Beyond telling what's subject and predicate in a simple sentence like "Le lapin est joli", I am truly lost! I think my frustration might have amused Pierre a bit though.P:

Hm, I think I will treat myself to an episode of "NCIS" now and then go to bed. It'd be good if I got up a bit earlier tomorrow than I did this morning ... Oh, but first I just have to mention this really silly e-mail that I got from the page yesterday. This guy had written "Hello. Would you be able to write an analysis of Jago or Othello in the book "Othello". That would be very nice of you. If you have the time, could it be ready some time next week. Thank you!" What? Does he honestly think that I would do his school work for him? *shakes head* Why on Earth would I do that? People! They never cease to amaze me! But perhaps I should take it as a compliment, as he must have found my book blog good, eh? Perhaps I am mean, but my thought was rather that he'd contacted anyone who wrote about books at all ... especially since he actually misspelled the word 'book' in his e-mail. I would guess that he was the kind of kid who never read a book his entire life and does not intend to do so just because some teacher tells him too. But honestly ... how can people live without books?


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