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Thursday, 6 April 2006 18:02
I think that I am in a period of serious internet addiction at the moment. Could that be healthy, I wonder? But then again, as [profile] aunt_sophie and I agreed on yesterday, the internet is a tool to keep us sane, somehow. A place where you can pour your thoughts, fears, feelings etc out to people ... and you can chose whether to do it in public or selected friends. And it's also a place to meet new, interesting people. Mostly I guess it's just acquantainces, but occasionally you do bump into someone who proves to be a real friend - ain't that great?! :)

Today has been a lousy day, in general. Still I have laughed a lot. Sometimes I wonder how it's possible to laugh even when you feel totally torn and broken inside, but somehow it works ... and I suppose that even though we might notice it, the laughing still helps to ease the pain. I seem to do that a lot, especially with Katta, laugh about what actually hurts ... suppose that is a way to deal with it, to take some of the seriousness away?! Oh, the crazy plans we make sometimes *lol* And I have to smile, otherwise Lillen will tell me I need to smile 'cause I look like the whole world is on my shoulders, and of course I can't claim that it is ...

I still felt lost today. The kind of feeling that hits you when you feel low without being able to put your finger on the reason why. Probably a good thing that it was a busy day; not much time to think. The weather didn't exactly help though ... I thought I was going to cry when I saw the awful, wet snow whirl outside at lunch. Either that, or laugh madly ... What else is there to do about this crazy weather? Thank God, the snow had at least turned into rain before I biked home. But it was cold. 2,3 degrees (Celsius) below zero when I left home this morning. I am so sick of being cold! Spring, come quick, please?!


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