Grey skies

Friday, 31 October 2003 10:57
Yet another grey day in Göteborg. I wonder if the sky has forgotten about the colour blue? It hasn't had that colour for a long time it seems... a great deal of luck that there are other blue things in the world or we might forget about the colour also...

It seems that all cool usernames are already taken at this site... at least I managed to find one which I could use after trying out a variety of others. I hope that someone at least will be interested in reading what I write here... It would be nice to have more readers than one, even though [profile] aunt_sophie will of course always be my favourite one *smile*

Lunarstorm still hates me. I miss my fave site, but it doesn't seem to want to have anything to do with me. I don't understand what is wrong *sigh*

Today we only work until twelve o'clock since tomorrow is a holiday. Usually I feel that half days at work are only stupid as they create far more trouble than those few hours off are worth, but when it is a Friday it doesn't matter that much and I look forward to getting away from here early. Me and Sofus will go to pick up our photos from the trip (amazing how fast Onoff can actually develop them!) and see if we managed to catch any cow on film...

Tonight we are invited to Anders' place to have a little celebration of Halloween (or Alla helgona, as we call it here) - Sofia said it would be no real party just a few people gathering. That suits me fine. I don't want to go to any big party where people just get drunk. Bores me to death and I feel like I am in the wrong place. But one never knows, maybe a lot of people will show up in the end even if only a few had said they would come when I spoke to Sofia yesterday... Anyway, I don't think I will stay up that late - I am always dead tired on Friday night.

We went training again yesterday. Did a class of Bodytoning. We missed Nicola who usually does that class, but the other instructor (think she was called Camilla) wasn't too bad either... it's just that one gets used to a certain instructor *smile* Actually my body doesn't ache much today - I must be getting fit. Hehe!

One thing is for sure - we do NOT have a lot to do at work today *smile* Everyone is surfing the net or playing solitaire... well, except for the ones working with economy who seem rather busy.


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