Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Go to your LJ calendar/archives and find the first entry for each month of 2006 (not including memes). Post the first line(s) of it in your journal for each month and that's your "Year In Review".

(I wouldn't say that this is very informative about my 2006, but whatever!)

January: (no entry)
February: (no entry except a questionnaire thing)
March: Wouldn't it be just lovely to find someone who swept you off your feet?April: So, what is there to say? No matter how much I intend to talk to M, it never works out once he's here.
May: Yep.
Graeme Dott won the World Championship of snooker.
June: So ... here I am, meaning to write something about my vacations and anything else that might come into mind.
July: It's another very warm day in Goteborg.
August: I am extremely bored!
September: I should write something, but I am so out of words these days. Too many things on my mind, and too much confusion in my heart
October: You might not think so, but I am still alive. I am sorry for not having posted anything here in a very long time, but life has kept me rather busy.
November: It is winter in Sweden at the moment.
December: It’s Saturday night and I feel lonely.


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